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The prospect of assisting Telcos and Infrastructure companies improve their key performance indicators (KPI) is best captured by A.C.E.S.® This is a subscription based program available to industry firms that not only enables improvement in QoS and expansion of network coverage, but also improve the revenue earning potential of existing tower portfolio while maintaining tower service life.



  • Improved QoS & Network Coverage
  • Expedite Network Rollout
  • Tower Revenue Enhancement
  • CAPEX/OPEX Reduction
  • Streamline Co-location Process
  • Reduce Risk of Catastrophic Failure

Peloton’s engineers and management possess the prerequisite technical depth and resourcefulness gained
from years of experience analyzing and designing thousands of Telecommunication towers and foundation supports of different types. We also have experience working closely with several of the world’s top Telcos and infrastructure companies.


Leveraging this wealth of experience, Peloton’s premier A.C.E.S.® program was designed and developed
specifically to assist Telcos and Infrastructure companies to increase network coverage, capacity, and enhance revenue potential by redeveloping already existing towers. While the program was originally designed for existing structures, it is adaptable and can be applied to new towers in the planning and design phase.


Whether a Telco or an Infrastructure Company, the implementation of Peloton’s A.C.E.S.® program will significantly improve the capacity to service your core customer base profitably:




Pelotonview® entails the remote monitoring of important passive telecommunication infrastructure.


Critical operating information and decision points (e.g. Diesel status, generator health, and site condition) will be available to authorized personnel through a secure and customized portal accessible from any PC or smart device. This will expedite crucial site support activities and allow personnel to execute ERP functions. PelotonView® will help streamline field operations and result in appreciable OPEX reduction. 


With service providers constantly expanding their networks and upgrading to 3G and 4G LTE, we believe that our services will prove to be pivotal in enhancing your firm's competitive advantage. We are confident that our services will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your site operations and logistics 


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