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We would like to affirm that Peloton Innovation Partners will leverage its unique understanding of the client’s need in conjunction with invaluable knowledge developed through years of experience in the Wireless Telecommunication industry to create sustainable value.



With the understanding that our success is in direct relation with the results we deliver to our clients, providing the highest level of service is at the heart of the Peloton difference. Clients can expect every interaction with Peloton to be characterized by timely communication, professional disposition, and attention to detail. This will be operationalized by qualified personnel with the capacity to proactively solve problems and deliver on every commitment.



Our internal formal quality assurance program is specifically designed such that each project is reviewed by the Principals of the designated departments prior to submitting to the client. Thus the client can expect the projects to be completed in the most effective and efficient manner that meets and exceeds their expectations.


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                          For Infrastructure and Telecommunication Service Companies

  •    Structural Analysis and Design of Tower, Rooftops, and Foundation supports
  •    Structural Redevelopment and repair design with CAD drawings
  •    Tower pre-purchase due diligence review
  •    Tower Structural and Antenna inventory mapping
  •    Comprehensive inspections and documentation during construction 
  •    Certifying to regulatory officials that construction is in accordance with                             manufacturer drawings
  •     Routine and Comprehensive field Inspection for maintenance reports
  •     Act as expert witness in the discussion of design safety factors to assist owners               obtain permits
  •     Construction Management
  •     Tower Portfolio Structural Management Service

                          For Tower Fabricators

  • Preliminary structural design of new towers for accurate quotations to tower owners
  • Detailed fabrication drawings of towers
  • Develop solutions to field issues during construction
  • Tower presale due diligence review